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Hi, I'm Alice - your Career Happiness Consultant!
I love personality psychology, panda bears,
and helping people follow their purpose.

You are

The key to happiness is purpose.

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Research shows we each need to be pursuing our purpose
in order to be truly happy at work.

When you're pursuing your purpose, you're happier;
you're also more creative, efficient, and likable.

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Thankfully, you are never "stuck."
You can find your purpose today - and start loving your career -
and start impacting others.

If you feel you're meant
to make a difference
in others' lives - 

You're right.

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Hey there! My name is Alice, and I'm a Career Happiness Consultant.

I connect individuals and employers with resources to help everyone enjoy their work more and succeed faster - using their personality.

I'm a travel-lover, and in past years I worked in recruiting in Denver and as a freelance social media marketer in Colorado, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, North Dakota - and, most recently, Canada.  I'm currently living in Canada...and loving every second of it.


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